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P10000HTL Central Office Air Dryer

- Standard Air Delivery at 10,000 SCFD, Emergency 13,000 SCFD

- Field Proven Oilless Piston Compressors on slide out trays

- Heatless regenerative drying

- Fan ventilated and filtered cabinet

- Minimal Controls - User Friendly - Low Maintenance

- Components easliy accessible within cabinet

- Standard bi-annual maintenance for compressors and dehydrator

- Minimal electronics, no control boards = no dryer downtime due to board failures

- Discreet or common alarms

- Low noise level for manned central offices

MODEL P10000HTL Specifications

Output Capacity:		Normal: 10,000 SCFD
			Maximum: 13,000 SCFD		
Ambient Operating		35 deg F.- 120 deg F.			
Temperature Range:		(1.7 deg. C.- 49 deg. C.)			
Power Requirements:		208v, 1 Phase, 60Hz, 22 Amp; 25Amp service required.	
Electrical Options		Other voltages Available
Available for World		Also available in 50 Hz at reduced
Wide Applications		capacity 	
Dimensions:		60" H x 25" W x 26" D
Shipping Weight:		350 lbs. 		
Outlet Pressure Range:	Standard: 0-15 psig

Outlet Humidity Level:		Less than 2% R.H. @ 70 degrees F.			
Noise Level:		56 dBA at 3 feet						
Compressor Type:		(2) 2 cyl Oilless			
Alarms:			Discreet or Common
			-High Humidity
			-High/Low Output Pressure
			-Power Failure	

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