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CANADIAN PUREGAS EQUIPMENT LIMITED manufactures pressurization equipment for the supply of pure gas for cable and antenna pressurization, and nitrogen generators to replace beergas cylinders. Our equipment is also suitable for many other industry applications such as instrumentation. Along with air dryers we also supply monitoring systems and peripheral equipment such as distribution air flow panels. Please browse through our pages to find out more about us and our products or send us an e-mail for more information on our products or services. We also provide complete consulting services and training, in-house and on-site.

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Announcement: Canadian puregas is expanding to better service our clients.

We are pleased to announce the integration of Mikro-Tek and the opening of another location.. See "What's New" below for more info.

What's New?

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Attention Tavern Owners! Buy a beer gas unit direct from the factory for less than a one-year lease!

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