Re: Nicotra Monitoring System



Monitoring Non-Pressurized Cable


If you have non-pressurized cable that you would like to monitor for cable outages, the simple solution is to place a humidity, contact or pressure transducer at the furthest end of the cable (contact transducers, NICRAD1CM, are less costly, albeit they are larger in size than pressure or humidity transducers.). Connect the transducer to one twisted pair and route to the Minidas or Das unit. If the pair is cut or disconnected you will receive a NC (No Connection) alarm. A humidity transducer (0-100% RH), NICRADRHM, can also be employed if you want to monitor the humidity of the cable. Transducers can be placed at branches or at intervals in a long cable to optimize the location of the fault. Furthermore, if the cable is wet and an electrical short is generated on the pair it should be realized at the transducer and a SV (Short or no Voltage) alarm will be generated. For further information contact Canadian Puregas Equipment Limited.

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