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InvestmentCanadian puregas has purchased Mikro-Tek (machine and assembly shop) Details to follow March 03,2018


Expanding Canadian Puregas has opened another location in Thorold, Ontario. This location is a dedicated client training facicilty and also research and development.

March 03 2017

New Calculations pages

CalculationsPages to be added, call for uploads (Dryer Loading, Leak Locate) to be added soon

P150MBR Antenna Air Dryer. Click to view.

P150MBR Membrane Air Dryer Redesigned after extensive R&D (upgraded product added October 01/2014)

P2500HTL Air Dryers. Click to view.

P2500HTL Air Dryers New capacities and specs (new product added February 27/2013)

CO 48VDC Humidity Monitor and Alarm. Click to view.

CO 48VDC Humidity Monitor Monitor supply air w/48VDC power in the CO (new product added August 27,2012)

Auxiliary Humidity Monitor. Click to view.

Stand-alone Humidity Monitor Monitor supply air humidity (new product added June 09,2012)

Cycle Kit/Standby Switch/Buffer Tank. Click to view.

New design Cycle Kit Equipment for multiple CO air dryer use (new product added March 09,2012)

P5000E Portable Air Dryer. Click to view.

New design Portable/Emergency Air Dryer P5000E Air Dryer (new product added January 16,2012)

P150 Air Dryer. Click to view.

Redesigned wall mount P150 Air Dryer P150MBR Air Dryer (new product added June 23,2011)

PH-201 Humidity Meter. Click to view.

New portable digital humidity meter PH-201 Humidity Meter (new product added May 09, 2011)

New contact list. Click to view.

Contact list now includes internal personnel names and titles Direct E-mail (added March 25, 2011)

Beergas replacement unit brochure. Click to view.

Beergas Brochure is now on-line Nitrogen Generator (new product added February 05, 2011)

P10000 Air Dryer. Click to view.

Redesigned P10000 Air Dryer P10000HTL Air Dryer (new product added December 15,2010)

P100 Air Dryer. Click to view.

Redesigned wall mount P100 Air Dryer P100MBR Air Dryer (new product added June 11,2010)

P400 Beer Gas Generator. Click to view.

New, BeerGas nitrogen generator P400 Nitrogen Generator (new product added June 08,2010)

Catalogue Pages. Click to View Panels, Accessories and Tools and check back often to see the new pages.

We are adding catalogue pages of Other Products and Accessories such as panels, tools and fittings. (new product added May 14,2010)

PT Dryers. Click to View

New PT series Antenna/Microwave Dryers(October 14,2009)

PEC560 Humidity Monitor. Click to View

New Auxiliary Humidity Alarm Monitor(September 16,2009)

P440MW Antenna Air Dryer. Click to View

New design for the P440MW Antenna Air Dryer(January 31,2008)

50 YEARS (January 01, 2008)

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary with our commitment of continuing our consistent service to industry!

Beer Gas (July 10, 2007)

Incorporating the latest membrane technology Canadian Puregas produces Nitrogen Units for draft beer at the best establishments in Canada with the finest keg beers on tap.

MBX Housing. Click to View

New Plastic MBX housing for transducers manufactured in Canada.(December 15,2006)

Bulletin; Monitoring non-pressurized cable with the Nicotra system. (December 22, 2001)

P100HTL Antenna Air Dryer (October 1, 2001)

Canadian Puregas has successfully developed The new P100 air dryer a low output, low cost air dryer for cellular and antenna applications.. These dryers were specified for their low maintenance and low power consumption.

Canadian Puregas welcomes Suministros Industriales as our agent in Panama. (January 2001)

Read a testimonial from one of our customers. (October 17, 2000)

Costa Rica (September 15, 2000)

Canadian Puregas successfully completes a field trial of the Nicotra monitoring system in San Jose.

Costa Rica (October 8, 1999)

Canadian Puregas Equipment Limited is chosen as the successful bidder to supply ICETEL of Costa Rica with 34 air dryers complete with distribution panels, spare parts, accessories and training.

P-150MBR Dryers go to Russia (July 30, 1996)

After the successful development of the P-150MBR microwave communications air dryer the first production lot was shipped to Russia for installation in remote sites along a natural gas pipeline. These dryers were specified for their low maintenance and low power consumption. Equipped with a unique oilless direct current compressor these units have proven to be successful. Currently a second production lot is being readied for shipment to expand the system.


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