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Canadian Puregas air dryers carry a two-year warranty against defective workmanship and material. This period starts at date of shipment. Not included are components subject to normal replacement during a year's operating time. These parts include, but are not limited to, electrical components, pressure switches, pressure regulators and regenerative blowers which carry a one year warranty. No claims for labour in replacing defective parts or for consequential damages will be allowed. Replacement parts will be invoiced in the regular way with invoices subject to adjustment after the parts claimed defective are examined at our factory. In addition, no material or parts will be accepted at our factory for in- warranty repairs or credit without previous authorization from Canadian Puregas. Responsibility for damages incurred in transit will be borne by the user and the user in turn should file any damage claim against the carrier. All warranty items are F.O.B. our plant. Freight charges are the responsibility of the user. This warranty shall not apply to any air dryer which shall have been repaired or altered in any way by anyone other than Canadian Puregas Equipment Limited, so as to effect, in our judgment, its proper functioning or reliability, neither will it apply to a dryer which has been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident. THE INSTALLING OF PARTS PURCHASED FROM OTHER THAN CANADIAN PUREGAS EQUIPMENT LIMITED WILL VOID THE WARRANTY ON OUR AIR DRYERS.

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