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Cable Air Dryers

Canadian Puregas Dryers for the Central Office are unmatched for reliability and value. There are many sizes of dryers including pole mounted (PM) versions with myriad options. Dryers can be built to customer specifications. Dryers consistently produce dry air at -40 degrees Dew Point. Click on the appropriate dryer list below for specifications. For more information call 888-PUREGAS or e-mail for specific application information.

 P2500HTL Air Dryer

Click on Dryer Model For Specifications

Model P5000E Portable

Model P2500HTL CO

Model P5000HTL CO

Model P7500HTL CO

Model P10000HTL CO

Click here for Emergency Stand-By Switch for CO Stand-By Dryers

Click here for Cycle kit for up tp 5000SCFD CO Dryers

Click here for Buffer Tank for cycling CO Dryers

Click here for Auxiliary Humidity Alarm Monitor

Click here for 48V CO Humidity Alarm Monitor

Click here for Pole Mount Air Dryer Specifications

Click here to view Custom Built Drying Equipment to Your Specifications

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