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Microwave and Cellular Communication Antenna Air Dryers

Canadian Puregas has developed a low power microwave communications membrane air dryer. These small, high value dryers are ideal for remote stations as they require little maintenance. Power consumption is minimal and they can be ordered with flow indicators, manifolds and myriad options. Dryers can be built to customer specifications and consistently produce dry air at -40 degrees Dew Point. Pictured above are the original P-150MBR dryers in production, which were developed for remote communications on a natural gas pipeline system in Russia, and below are P-550HTL dryers undergoing final run testing before shipment. Click on the appropriate dryer below for specifications. For more information call 888-PUREGAS or e-mail for specific application information.

P550 Production Test

Click here for P150 Specifications

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Click here for PT series Antenna/Microwave Dryers (800 to 4200 SCFD)

Click here for original type P150MBR and P400MBR Specifications

Click here for P550HTL Specifications

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 New P150MBR shown.

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