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Panels and Accessories

Below are catalogue pages of our other products such as Panels and Accessories. Click on any title to see the catalogue page/s in PDF format. You require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.

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Air Distribution Panels for the Central Office

Flow Transducer Panels for the Central Office

Flow Controller and Manifold for CO Air Pipe Feed Installation (drawing and parts)

Manhole Air Pipe Feed Installation (drawing and parts required for different cable types)


Air Pressure Transducers and Contactors for Outside Plant

Field Transducer Kits


Fittings for Plastic Tubing, Brass Fittings, Pipeline and Tubing Fittings and Accessories (pictures and part numbers for ordering)


PH-201 Portable Humidity Meter

P4200 Field Pressure Test Gauge

Pressurization Tools and Accessories; Meters, Flanges, Clamps, Valves. et. (pictures and part numbers for ordering)

Heatless Air Dryers and Adsorbers

Installation Kit for Air Dryers (CPE-096) in the Central Office (drawing and parts)

Air Dryer Terminology

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 Paneles de Distribución

  Meter Panel

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